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Vonage Canada Challenges Dual-Tiered Internet

Mar 07, 2006

This morning Vonage Canada filed a request with the CRTC to challenge Shaw Cable's $10 "quality of service enhancement fee" for subscribers wishing to sign up for competing VoIP services over their cable lines. Folks, this is a real-life case showdown about net neutrality, and it's the first direct challenge I've seen. The issue is not as heated here in Canada, but the scenerio is no different. Now, the CRTC is being put on the spot to respond in the absence of any U.S. precedents. The FCC has conducted hearings on this bedrock issue, but decisions have not yet been rendered. ›››

By Jon Arnold Posted 2:03 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 795

Inside: Business Strategies

Is Comcast Impairing Vonage?

Mar 06, 2006

On the one hand, the big telcos are chanting the mantram, "We shall not block, impair or degrade any content, service or application." On the other hand, they're saying, "There's no problem. We don't need a law until there's a problem." Well, now. Mitch Shapiro over at IP & Democracy, points to Russell Shaw's post that says: "I have been noticing a growing number of posts in which many Vonage users and Vonage Forum Members have been complaining about the quality of Vonage calls over Comcast broadband connections..." ›››

By David Isenberg Posted 2:25 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 825

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Old New Telco Thinking

Mar 06, 2006

Ahh, so the telecom incumbents have come up with a "new" idea for the Internet -- ›››

By Kevin Werbach Posted 9:17 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 748

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VoIP Explosion in CABLE

Feb 28, 2006

The number of U.S. VoIP users increased by 900,000 to 4.5 million in the last quarter of 2005, according to a new report by Telegeography. The increase represented a jump of 25 percent over the previous quarter, and of 248 percent compared to the same quarter in 2004. Time Warner Cable and Vonage were key drivers of the growth, as they have been in the past. Time Warner added 248,000 subscribers in Q4, an increase of 29 percent over Q3. ›››

By Keith "Skibare" Bare Posted 10:43 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 808

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VoIP Media Coverage of Note

Feb 24, 2006

It's been a busy week following 3GSM, today's IMS Forum launch, and major players like Microsoft, Google and RIM being in the news. I get my share of calls from the press, and wanted to note two stories that ran today where I was cited. First is Paul Taylor's piece in the Financial Times, where the title says it all: "Can there be any future for traditional telephony?"... ›››

By Jon Arnold Posted 8:16 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 827

Inside: Regulation & Policies

Former FCC Chairman Powell Says Net Neutrality 'Doing Great' - Now, Here's the Reality!

Feb 23, 2006

Yesterday Networking Pipeline reported that former FCC chairman Michael Powell thinks that Net Neutrality is 'Doing Great'. Of course, this is the same person who was also reported as saying that we have too much choice in the media. Yes, there are people who thought we were all better off when we only had three networks to choose from. Sometimes I think there is a fine line between nostalgia and dementia. ›››

By Jack Posted 12:07 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 763

Inside: Regulation & Policies

Regulation of VoIP Services

Feb 22, 2006

Ofcom has published a considerable consultation paper for its "approach to regulating voice telephony services in the light of new technological developments". Below is the introductory excerpt from the document: "...Traditional telephone services have existed for over 100 years. However, changes are underway that could significantly affect the way voice services are provided in the future. In particular, Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP") services change the way voice services are delivered..." ›››

By Voiponder Reporter Posted 1:23 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 838

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PC Magazine on VoIP: Many Paths to Follow

Feb 22, 2006

The current issue of mega-pub PC Magazine has a terrific full feature on residential VoIP. This is a much more extensive piece than last year's, by the same writer, Cade Metz. I am cited in both articles, but the length and nature of the current piece says a lot about how far VoIP has come in a year. As with many mass market articles on VoIP, the focus is on saving money, which is understandable. Being geek friendly, this piece also gets into the various routes you can take to subscribe and install your VoIP service. ›››

By Jon Arnold Posted 11:44 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 790

Inside: Technologies

Examining the Reality of Convergence

Feb 21, 2006

If there is one word in the telecommunications that has suffered from over-abuse for many years now, it's convergence. The term has been liberally applied to each successive generation of communications technology for their supposed ability to solve a myriad of service delivery problems within a single unifying converged carriage and service delivery solution. Unfortunately, the underlying reality has always been markedly different from these wondrous promises, and we continue to see an industry that deploys a plethora of service delivery platforms and an equally diverse collection of associated switching and service delivery technologies. One can't help but wonder at the collective gullibility of an industry that continues to herald the convergent attributes of each new generation of communications technology, while at the same time being forced to admit that previous convergent promises have never been realized. ›››

By Geoff Huston Posted 6:30 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 749

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Can Vonage Make a $Billion in Revenue?

Feb 20, 2006

Jon Arnold's been digging through some ›››

By Alec Saunders Posted 10:25 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 750

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VoIP Security FUD

Feb 18, 2006

I'm continually amazed by the amount of FUD being spread with regard to VoIP security threats. People...the sky is not falling. VoIP isn't e-mail. It isn't implemented like e-mail, it won't be implemented like e-mail (maybe "it shouldn't be implemented like e-mail" is a more appropriate statement). Following best security practices will ensure at least a level of security equivalent to current TDM systems. Best FUD I've heard this week: VoIP is insecure because you can simply put a bridge on an ethernet line and capture a stream. Hey, has anyone ever heard of alligator clips? ›››

By Irwin Lazar Posted 2:19 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 866

Inside: Business Strategies

VoIP's Threadbare New Clothes

Feb 18, 2006

Om has burnt the midnight oil analyzing Vonage's S-1 filing, coming to the conclusion that, while churn may not be as ugly as people thought, it's still cause for concern, and apparently intensifying. His point at the end about definitions is particularly good, as excluding cancellations in the first 30-days is undoubtedly flattering to the numbers. The net present value of Vonage's lifetime customer revenues is an issue which VoIP-watchers have long speculated about with trepidation -- what if marketing spending, churn, and price competition combined to form a toxic soup which fatally poisoned the economic proposition for access-independent VoIP? ›››

By James Enck Posted 1:30 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 619

Inside: Regulation & Policies

U.S. VoIP and Broadband Policy: Today's Debate is Off the Mark!

Feb 17, 2006

Despite rather rapid growth in broadband access, the U.S. is falling further and further behind other countries -- we're now ranked #16 in the world. What's slowing the U.S. down? Two threads dominate U.S. broadband policy debate today. The first focuses on traditional telecom regulation -- reciprocal compensation, universal service, e911, and CALEA (wiretap capabilities). The second focuses on "Internet freedoms," i.e., guarantees that your broadband access provider won't block or inhibit specific applications like VoIP. ›››

By Brough Turner Posted 1:54 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 1063

Inside: Regulation & Policies

Remarkable Leverage

Feb 17, 2006

One of the big problems with the enormously problematic E911 Order is that it required VoIP providers to hook into the legacy E911 system controlled by the Baby Bells without mandating that the Bells allow the VoIP guys to connect. This was a tailor-made holdup situation for what was already an enormous holdup. (Remember that it took the wireless industry more than ten years to figure out how to work with the legacy E911 world, but the FCC only gave the VoIP companies a few months.) The Bells had full authority to give the appearance of being helpful while slowly dragging their feet and pushing the VoIP providers (their competitors) closer and closer to a deadline that (initially at least) was supposed to trigger mass cut-offs of VoIP customers for whom E911 service wasn't available. ›››

By Susan Crawford Posted 11:39 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 545

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ChangeWave's Residential VoIP Research Usage Update - Part II

Feb 17, 2006

I recently posted some highlights from this study, and promised to return with Part 2. So, here we go... "Satisfaction with VoIP provider - the million dollar question, esp in light of Vonage's IPO intentions, and all the resultant scrutiny that has focused on their churn stats. The good news is that subscribers are generally pretty happy -- 81% are "somewhat" or "very" satisfied. Furthermore, this level has steadily increased since they started tracking this in late 2003..." ›››

By Jon Arnold Posted 11:12 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 514
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