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  • About: We’re iotum™, an energetic new company with a unique personality.

    We’re shaping a world where devices and services work seamlessly together to let people talk to who they want, when they want, and on the device they want.

    Our passion is to make “always-on” communication more simple and useful by making it more relevant.

    Our management team has decades of experience building, leading and funding companies in both the telecom and software industries.

    Our core innovation is the iotum Relevance Engine™. It’s the world’s first smart platform to intelligently assess the relevance of a phone call, and route it to the most appropriate device across any network.

    Our focus is on providing relevance-enabled voice services tailored to the needs of today’s ultraconnected mobile professionals. We also help service providers deploy profitable, next-generation relevance-based services quickly and easily.

    iotum simplifies life in today’s complex, always-on world. Our vision is a new world where today’s proliferation of devices and services work together as one. Where you’ll be able to communicate with who you want, when you want, and on the device you want — without changing the way you live or work.

    We believe in relevance.

    The next time your phone rings, iotum will make sure your important calls will be completely, totally, and always ... simply relevant™.

    Want to learn more? See our Corporate Overview (PDF)

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  • Post-DEMO Era
  • It has been a month now since iotum came back from DEMO 2006 with a coveted Demo God Award. We never saw DEMO as just an achievement but rather as a launching pad. ...Mission accomplished, the relevance revolution is started. ›››
  • Iotum Wins DEMO God Award
  • Ottawa based start-up beats 56 other start-ups from around the globe and tops new offerings from established companies that included AOL and Yahoo to grab the brass ring. ›››