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  • About: Mr. Turner was a co-founder of NMS, where he oversees the evolution of product technology and architectures. Mr. Turner has a broad business background, and contributes to business strategy and market development at NMS, but his principal focus remains on engineering and technology. Prior to co-founding NMS, Mr. Turner spent 13 years in engineering and engineering management at Digilab, Inc. and at Block Engineering Inc., both subsidiaries of Bio-Rad Laboratories. For more of Mr. Turner’s thoughts on communications, see his weblog.

By Brough Turner:

  • U.S. VoIP and Broadband Policy: Today's Debate is Off the Mark!
  • Despite rather rapid growth in broadband access, the U.S. is falling further and further behind other countries -- we're now ranked #16 in the world. What's slowing the U.S. down? Two threads dominate U.S. broadband policy debate today. The first focuses on traditional telecom regulation -- reciprocal compensation, universal service, e911, and CALEA (wiretap capabilities). The second focuses on "Internet freedoms," i.e., guarantees that your broadband access provider won't block or inhibit specific applications like VoIP. ›››