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  • About: Jon Arnold is Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent analyst and marketing consultancy with a focus on IP communications. Previously, he was the VoIP Program Leader at Frost & Sullivan, where he was responsible for managing their subscription service for Global VoIP Equipment Markets.  The consultancy was launched in March 2005.

    He is a frequent speaker at VoIP and telecom conferences, including VON, Supercomm, Internet Telephony, Dow Jones Network Ventures, NYSSA and the Canadian Institute. In addition, he is the Director of Industry Analyst Relations for the IMS Forum, and is a contributing editor to the IP Telephony Dictionary.

    Jon is frequently quoted in the business and trade press, radio and television, including Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, NYT, WSJ, Financial Times, CNET News, Light Reading, Globe & Mail, Financial Post, Toronto Star and ROB TV. Media profile archive available upon request. Jon also produces a weekly podcast covering the IP communications market in Canada for the Pulvermedia Podcasting Network.

By Jon Arnold:

  • Verizon's Price Cut: Raising the Stakes for Vonage
  • Verizon's price cut for VoIP can't be anything but bad news for Vonage, and you knew it was just a matter of time until the RBOCs -- well, all two of them at this point -- played the price card to put tacks on the road as Vonage speeds along towards its IPO. In all fairness, Vonage started this game back in 2004 when the threat of them being the RBOC-killer was more perceived than real. However, they succeeded in baiting AT&T into a costly price war that slowed up their CallVantage roll out... ›››
  • Spring VON Final Thoughts
  • I promised to finish up my VON posting after getting back, and wanted to comment briefly on two keynotes I particularly enjoyed. First was Tim O'Reilly, who is Jeff Pulver's counterpart in the Web 2.0 space. Jeff and Tim's worlds are increasingly sharing a common orbit, and I hope we'll see more cross-pollination here in future shows. Actually, Tim's presence struck me as the only really fresh wrinkle in the VON format, and I suspect -- and hope -- to see more content moving beyond voice to encompass things like Web 2.0 and video. Tim message about tech innovation had parallels to Jeff's keynote... ›››
  • Vonage Canada Challenges Dual-Tiered Internet
  • This morning Vonage Canada filed a request with the CRTC to challenge Shaw Cable's $10 "quality of service enhancement fee" for subscribers wishing to sign up for competing VoIP services over their cable lines. Folks, this is a real-life case showdown about net neutrality, and it's the first direct challenge I've seen. The issue is not as heated here in Canada, but the scenerio is no different. Now, the CRTC is being put on the spot to respond in the absence of any U.S. precedents. The FCC has conducted hearings on this bedrock issue, but decisions have not yet been rendered. ›››
  • VoIP Media Coverage of Note
  • It's been a busy week following 3GSM, today's IMS Forum launch, and major players like Microsoft, Google and RIM being in the news. I get my share of calls from the press, and wanted to note two stories that ran today where I was cited. First is Paul Taylor's piece in the Financial Times, where the title says it all: "Can there be any future for traditional telephony?"... ›››
  • PC Magazine on VoIP: Many Paths to Follow
  • The current issue of mega-pub PC Magazine has a terrific full feature on residential VoIP. This is a much more extensive piece than last year's, by the same writer, Cade Metz. I am cited in both articles, but the length and nature of the current piece says a lot about how far VoIP has come in a year. As with many mass market articles on VoIP, the focus is on saving money, which is understandable. Being geek friendly, this piece also gets into the various routes you can take to subscribe and install your VoIP service. ›››
  • ChangeWave's Residential VoIP Research Usage Update - Part II
  • I recently posted some highlights from this study, and promised to return with Part 2. So, here we go... "Satisfaction with VoIP provider - the million dollar question, esp in light of Vonage's IPO intentions, and all the resultant scrutiny that has focused on their churn stats. The good news is that subscribers are generally pretty happy -- 81% are "somewhat" or "very" satisfied. Furthermore, this level has steadily increased since they started tracking this in late 2003..." ›››