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  • About: Paul Mockapetris, the inventor of the Domain Name System (DNS), is Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board at Nominum, Inc. His mission is to help guide DNS and IP addressing to the next stage.

    Paul created DNS in the 1980s at USC’s Information Sciences Institute where he was later the Director of ISI’s High Performance Computing and Communications Division.

    Throughout his career, Paul has contributed to the computing research community and to the evolution of the Internet. His earliest work at UC Irvine on distributed systems and LAN technology preceded the commercial Ethernet and Token Ring designs. Paul was the recipient of the 2003 IEEE Internet Award for his DNS work.

By Paul Mockapetris:

  • Telephony's Next Act
  • There are about 1 billion fixed telephone lines and 2 billion cellphones in the world. Most calls still travel across traditional systems based on proprietary software and hardware. Soon, though, they will move to networks based on open protocols... The same thing is happening all around the world -- in some cases very quickly. Last winter, the chief technology officer at BT Group PLC, in London, said that during the next three to five years, BT would like to "turn off the public switched telephone network." If that happened all over the world overnight, and all those phones connected to the Internet instead, it would double or triple the number of objects joined by that network of networks, wreaking havoc on some parts of it. Done right, though, over the next several years, the move will open doors to new telephone services that will make all our lives easier and better. ›››