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  • About: Extensive record of experience in architecting, designing, deploying and managing large-scale, multi-protocol, enterprise-wide networks. Assisted numerous enterprises in strategic network planning focusing on next-generation technologies, network security, and voice-data convergence.

    Irwin frequently publishes articles on networking topics for leading trade magazines and is a frequent resource for industry trade press. Regular speaker at events such as Networld+Interop, VoiceCon, SuperComm, and NetworkingDecisions. Conference Director for MPLScon. Advisory board member for and Collaborative Technologies Conference. Maintains MPLS Resource Center and “Real-Time Communications” blogs. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

By Irwin Lazar:

  • Continued Move Towards Unified Communications
  • A couple of new notes that underscore the continued convergence of real-time communications services (e.g. voice/video/IM) into a presence-based real-time IP communications infrastructure... I haven't seen this shift just yet, but increasingly the folks responsible for managing voice and video systems are integrating their planning with the groups in charge of instant messaging and collaboration. I expect this trend to accelerate as we move forward. ›››
  • Skype: When Good Press Releases Go Bad
  • Burton Group issued a press release last week announcing the conclusions of my recent report on Skype. I thought the release clearly stated our conclusions on Skype, which essentially were that there are indeed security and management concerns that enterprises ought to be aware of, but that those risks may be outweighed by the business benefits offered by the use of the application, and that enterprises must carefully weigh risk vs. reward when evaluating Skype usage. ›››
  • VoIP Security FUD
  • I'm continually amazed by the amount of FUD being spread with regard to VoIP security threats. People...the sky is not falling. VoIP isn't e-mail. It isn't implemented like e-mail, it won't be implemented like e-mail (maybe "it shouldn't be implemented like e-mail" is a more appropriate statement). Following best security practices will ensure at least a level of security equivalent to current TDM systems. Best FUD I've heard this week: VoIP is insecure because you can simply put a bridge on an ethernet line and capture a stream. Hey, has anyone ever heard of alligator clips? ›››
  • Mobility News and Skype Blocking
  • Three big announcements out of the 3GSM World Congress currently taking place in Barcelona. Microsoft announced the upcoming availability of its Office Communicator Mobile Client for Windows Mobile. This will allow users to have access to Live Communications Server-based IM and presence management over cellular networks, and will also function as a VoIP soft-phone over WiFi networks. Skype made two announcements... ›››