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  • About: Aswath Rao has 20 years of experience in the telecommunications field, having worked for leading R&D firms. He has worked on ISDN, Frame Relay, BISDN, wireless and satellite communications. For the past 5 years he has been working on VoIP related issues. Long before intelligence at the end became acceptable, he advocated “functional terminals” in ISDN. His proposal for Inter Connect Function has been incorporated in the TIPHON architecture and currently it is known as Session Border Controller. He has developed ways to offer PSTN subscribers many of the features available to VoIP subscribers. He also maintains a blog.

By Aswath Rao:

  • Post-Disaster Communications Petition
  • Recently, FCC placed on public review a petition filed by Evslin Consulting and The petition grew out of the experiences felt during a breakdown in communications network caused by Hurricane Katrina. As you may recall, whole communities were evacuated in the Gulf coast and many families were separated because they ended in different cities. Added to the trauma, many of these evacuees found it difficult to contact and communicate with each other. But those who have VoIP service and those who subscribe to premium features on their PSTN lines were better off because their services were able to forward the calls to the new location... ›››