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ENUM: Mapping the E.164 Number Space into the DNS

Mar 30, 2006

Many communications networks are constructed for a single form of communication, and are ill suited to being used for any other form. Although the Internet is also a specialized network in terms of supporting digital communications, its relatively unique flexibility lies in its ability to digitally encode a very diverse set of communications formats, and then support their interaction over the Internet. In this way many communications networks can be mapped into an Internet application and in so doing become just another distributed application overlayed on the Internet. From this admittedly Internet-centric perspective, voice is just another Internet application. And for the growing population of Voice over IP (VoIP) users, this is indeed the case... ›››

By Geoff Huston Posted 7:55 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 2005

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Telecom Impact on Per-Capita GDP

Mar 24, 2006


By Brough Turner Posted 6:20 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 912

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Freedom to Connect

Mar 23, 2006

Over the last ten years, Andrew Odlyzko has been writing about a pricing algorithm that would assure reasonable service levels at reasonable prices. If you're going to F2C, you might want to read that brief article or this slightly more complex one to learn (or refresh your sense of) PMP -- Paris Metro Pricing models to deal with network congestion. You'll also get a sense of why throwing bandwidth at the network will not be sufficient. Here's a great article from 1995... ›››

By Frank Paynter Posted 12:13 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 897

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Telecom Policy Review Panel Calls For Net Neutrality Legal Safeguards

Mar 23, 2006

The ›››

By Michael Geist Posted 10:55 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 921

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David Farber on Net Neutrality: Reaction to the Current "Debate"

Mar 22, 2006

Dave Farber was recently interviewed as part of the 37th KMB Conference, March 8, 9, &10, 2006 held at St. Petes Beach FL. Dave Farber provides the following background information and link to this video interview: "We have seen the Internet become a truly mass market phenomenon, reaching more than half of all American households. Broadband networks have been and are being deployed that are moving us towards higher levels of speed and capability. My concern with all of the debate and discussion I've reviewed to date is that there is far too little solid, in depth analysis and understanding on all sides and their implications on the future of the Internet." ›››

By Voiponder Reporter Posted 3:08 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 809

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What If They Simply Made Communications Technology Better?

Mar 20, 2006

Rob Hyndman has a pointer to Mark Cuban's latest: ›››

By Alec Saunders Posted 2:56 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 812

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Spring VON Final Thoughts

Mar 20, 2006

I promised to finish up my VON posting after getting back, and wanted to comment briefly on two keynotes I particularly enjoyed. First was Tim O'Reilly, who is Jeff Pulver's counterpart in the Web 2.0 space. Jeff and Tim's worlds are increasingly sharing a common orbit, and I hope we'll see more cross-pollination here in future shows. Actually, Tim's presence struck me as the only really fresh wrinkle in the VON format, and I suspect -- and hope -- to see more content moving beyond voice to encompass things like Web 2.0 and video. Tim message about tech innovation had parallels to Jeff's keynote... ›››

By Jon Arnold Posted 1:14 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 784

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Skype: When Good Press Releases Go Bad

Mar 16, 2006

Burton Group issued a press release last week announcing the conclusions of my recent report on Skype. I thought the release clearly stated our conclusions on Skype, which essentially were that there are indeed security and management concerns that enterprises ought to be aware of, but that those risks may be outweighed by the business benefits offered by the use of the application, and that enterprises must carefully weigh risk vs. reward when evaluating Skype usage. ›››

By Irwin Lazar Posted 5:29 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 852

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Give Us TVoIP, Not IPTV

Mar 16, 2006

A buzzword in the cable/ilec world is IPTV, a plan to deliver TV over IP. Microsoft and several other companies have built IPTV offerings, to give phone and cable companies what they like to call a "triple play" (voice, video and data) and be the one-stop communications company. ...I'm at the Von conference where people are pushing this, notably the BellSouth exec who just spoke. But they've got it wrong. We don't need IPTV. We want TVoIP or perhaps more accurately Vid-o-IP. ›››

By Brad Templeton Posted 10:53 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 779

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Communications Policy for 2006 and Beyond: VoIP as a Case in Point

Mar 15, 2006

In this article, published in the Federal Communications Law Journal (›››

By Voiponder Reporter Posted 11:47 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 685

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Secure Voice over IP: Zfone Released

Mar 14, 2006

Philip Zimmermann, creator of PGP, has announced the first official release of Zfone -- a system for encrypting any SIP VoIP voice stream. Below is Philip's introduction on Zfone as posted on his ›››

By Voiponder Reporter Posted 10:28 pm PDT / Comments: 1 / Views: 1160

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Is the U.S. Dancing to a Different Drummer?

Mar 13, 2006

Is the United States in full retreat from internationally recognized regulatory best practice? Or is it instead headed toward some different destination -- "dancing to the beat of a different drummer"? Where is this likely to lead? The following is an introduction to a paper, published by ›››

By Scott Marcus Posted 7:32 am PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 735

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A Very Shallow Gene Pool

Mar 09, 2006

The recent announcement that (new) AT&T will merge with (medium new) BellSouth doesn't change the current policy landscape very much. The dinosaurs are huddling ever-closer in the snow, hoping to survive whatever changes are ahead. It's a smart move on AT&T's part. Sheer numbers (70 million phone customers, 22 states, $130 billion in sales) may speak to AT&T's investors in a way that their business plans may not. ›››

By Susan Crawford Posted 3:48 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 784

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My "Industry Perspective" at Spring VON Next Week

Mar 08, 2006

Next week, I'll be at ›››

By Brough Turner Posted 2:14 pm PDT / Comments: 0 / Views: 839

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Today's Carrier Networks as Trollways?

Mar 08, 2006

As I keep pointing out -- there is indeed a viable alternative of a real marketplace not a fake one. Today's system is a fake because it depends on capturing the value of the application - communications - in the transport and that is no longer possible because with the Internet the value is created OUTSIDE the network. One example of the collateral damage caused by today's approach is the utter lack of simple wireless connectivity. Another is that we have redundant capital intensive bit paths whose only purpose is to contain bits within billing paths. ›››

By Bob Frankston Posted 11:38 am PDT / Comments: 1 / Views: 1061
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