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  • About: James Enck is European telecom analyst and global telecom sector strategist for Daiwa Securities SMBC in London. He has been tracking the disruptive potential of IP voice (and other technology developments) for the past three years, most recently and actively through his blog.

By James Enck:

  • VoIP's Threadbare New Clothes
  • Om has burnt the midnight oil analyzing Vonage's S-1 filing, coming to the conclusion that, while churn may not be as ugly as people thought, it's still cause for concern, and apparently intensifying. His point at the end about definitions is particularly good, as excluding cancellations in the first 30-days is undoubtedly flattering to the numbers. The net present value of Vonage's lifetime customer revenues is an issue which VoIP-watchers have long speculated about with trepidation -- what if marketing spending, churn, and price competition combined to form a toxic soup which fatally poisoned the economic proposition for access-independent VoIP? ›››