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  • About: Peter is the founder and CTO of Palindrome Technologies. Since 1994, he has been working with commercial and government organizations as a trusted advisor on various areas of Information Security including vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, incident response, Security program development and compliance (HIPPA,ISO17799). In addition he has been conducting research and providing consultation to Telecom carriers and government organizations in the areas of NGN/VoIP Security since 1999. Peter holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, NY and he is an active member of IETF and ACM.

By Peter Thermos:

  • Examining Two Well-Known Attacks on VoIP
  • VoIP is here to stay. In fact many incumbent telecommunication carriers have started offering VoIP service for sometime and several new VoIP service providers have emerged. Aside from issues such as quality of service, the aspect of security, or lack thereof, is misunderstood by some of the VoIP service providers. This purpose of this article is to discuss two of the most well known attacks that can be carried out in current VoIP deployments. ›››