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Post-DEMO Era

Mar 24, 2006 | Inside: Industry

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It has been a month now since iotum came back from DEMO 2006 with a coveted Demo God Award. We never saw DEMO as just an achievement but rather as a launching pad. We knew the opportunity it represented for iotum and the concept of relevance so we made sure we did everything to make this launch a success. Mission accomplished, the relevance revolution is started.

Fortune, The Financial Times, Mobile Crunch, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and the blogosphere lead by OM Malik. They all noticed and spread the news: iotum is bringing relevance to communications. The high point might have been Business 2.0’s March issue naming iotum as one of the “next net 25” leading a new Web revolution. iotum was featured side-by-side with Skype and three other companies at the vanguard of “the new phone”.

One of the keys to leverage this start was to be real. The iotum service is! Partnering with a local provider called Unlimitel, the iotum service Beta has been available in Canada for several months. It is live, up and running, people are using it and we are working to improve it.

Our entire focus now is capitalizing on this momentum and proudly moving the relevance revolution forward. We’ve done a lot of work since DEMO and the time to unveil it is approaching.

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