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Feb 24, 2006 | Inside: Exploring Frontlines

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It’s been a busy week following 3GSM, today’s IMS Forum launch, and major players like Microsoft, Google and RIM being in the news. I get my share of calls from the press, and wanted to note two stories that ran today where I was cited.

First is Paul Taylor’s piece in the Financial Times, where the title says it all: "Can there be any future for traditional telephony?"

The link may not provide full text access, but I’m glad to forward a Word version—just let me know! The focus is mainly on enterprise IP—no big revelations, but a nice validation of the dominant trends to bring home the message of IP’s ascendancy to mainstream investors.

Second article ran in two markets—Datamonitor ComputerWire in the US, and Computer Business Review in the UK. This was a more news-based article about Microsoft’s announcement to support mobility on its Office Communicator.

It’s ominous sounding news, but I don’t see it giving Microsoft a lock on this market by any means. I think it just validates the importance of mobility for enterprise communications, and that there’s a fundamental shift happening away from desk phones to the PC, and on top of that, a shift from the PC to mobile endpoints. Clearly, MS can’t afford to risk a migration from the desktop, so it’s easy to see why is a must for them to do.

Again, if the link doesn’t give you the text, I can get you a soft copy.

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