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  • About: Daniel Berninger joined Tier1 Research in August 2004 as Senior Analyst covering the telecom industry. Daniel has over a decade of experience that includes helping to launch three prominent VoIP startups - ITXC, Vonage, and Free World Dialup. His expertise on the intersection of telecom and the Internet has been sought by Congress, FCC, Federal Reserve, and state PSC’s. Daniel led earlier VoIP deployments at Verizon, HP, and NASA for VocalTec Communications. Mr. Berninger won the 1999 VON Pioneer Award for co-founding the VON Coalition and worked on the original assessment of VoIP at Bell Laboratories. He completed doctoral studies in preparation for a Ph.D. in System Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Daniel was the subject of a Wall Street Journal editorial addressing the prospect for antitrust enforcement and is quoted as a source for articles in BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, Forbes, AP, LA Times, Dow Jones, and many trade press publications.

By Daniel Berninger:

  • If It's Not Neutral It's Not Internet
  • The success of a proposal by AT&T and Verizon to end net neutrality does not threaten the Internet. The broadband customers of AT&T and Verizon will just no longer have access to the Internet. The development appropriately creates alarm among AT&T and Verizon's customers, but the combined customer bases of these companies represent less than 2% of the billion or so users of the Internet. The fact that access to the Internet requires net neutrality does not depend on laws passed by the US Congress or enforced by the FCC. Neutrality arises as a technical and business imperative facilitating the interconnection 250,000 independent networks that choose to participate in the Internet. ›››