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  • About: Ken has worked for 25 years in the networking and telecommunications industry in a variety of roles with the State of Washington, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, TimeStep and others. He has worked in strategic management positions, network architecture planning and technical engineering, sales, marketing and training roles. In addition to his work at IP Adventures, Ken maintains a position as a Consultant Member of Technical Staff with Hill Associates, providing both course development and delivery of presentations & training curriculum. Ken is also an active member of The Consultant Registry, a global consortium of 36 telecommunications and security specialists.

    Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University, and an assortment of networking technology certifications from Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, Lucent Technologies and other technical hardware and software vendors. He has undertaken extensive graduate studies in education, business, and information technologies.

    Ken is an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Round Table Group (, a think tank for academic experts. Round Table Group is a consulting firm of professors and business thought leaders who serve as consultants and expert witnesses. RTG is also a global village of knowledge seekers and knowledge providers who believe that the Internet can be harnessed to bring world-class global expertise to bear for challenging projects.

    In addition to work with numerous businesses and service providers Ken is actively involved in rural telecommunications issues particularly areas related to deployment of broadband technologies in rural areas. He works with a variety of public and private sector groups and legislators around the world in these efforts.

    Ken writes and speaks about a wide range of strategic business initiatives and their evolution with the ongoing stream of advancements in telecommunications technologies. He has been a speaker at numerous sales, trade and technical events (N+I InterOp, RSA, NetSec, FirewallCON, FOCUS, TISC and others). Ken has worked as a business and strategic technology consultant with many companies, including AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Korean Airlines, Xerox, Hughes, Dreamworks, Genuity, and the US Navy. Ken is the author of IP Telephony Demystified, a McGraw-Hill Professional series book (ISBN: 0071406700) and is currently writing Good Enough Security: Developing Your Digital Common Sense.

    Ken’s full bio is available here.

By Ken Camp:

  • Telephony, Regulation, and VoIP
  • A new article by Ken Camp, published at Realtime VoIP, discusses telephony regulations, describing some existing regulatory issues surrounding telecommunications and how they might impact VoIP services. The following is an introduction to this article: "Bringing new technologies such as VoIP into service presents a wide range of technical challenges. Given the highly regulated environment of telecommunications, VoIP presents a set of regulatory challenges. For the most part, these challenges present hurdles to VoIP service providers who want to deliver commercial services to consumers and businesses and don't directly impact business VoIP deployment. ...Businesses that embrace managed VoIP services might want to review some of these regulatory issues, such as E-911 services, with the managed VoIP service provider." ›››